November 9, 2005

Kevin McDonald has a diverse set of film and TV credits to his name, but he is perhaps best known for his work with The Kids in the Hall, the five-man troupe out of Toronto that redefined sketch comedy. McDonald and Dave Foley founded The Kids in the Hall as a duo in 1984, but merged with The Audience, bringing Bruce McCulloch and Mark McKinney into the fold. With the addition of Scott Thompson and the line-up finalized, the Kids in the Hall soon transformed into one of the most influential, acclaimed, and ground-breaking sketch ensembles since the days of Monty Python.

McDonald played characters that were often shy, self-deprecating, and a bit sillier than the rest of the troupe, and he brought dozens of characters to life, including Sir Simon Milligan, Jerry Sizzler, Francois the Trapper, and Smitty.