Inside Joke is a conversation about the craft of comedy. Think of it as a cross between Charlie Rose and This Old House, without the constant stream of interruptions or power tools. The show takes place at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York City.

The Host
Carl Arnheiter (pronounced "Smith" for those having trouble) is a writer-slash-comedian living in Long Island City, NY. He performs regularly at the UCB Theatre and holds his own as one half of the improv duo Don't Judge the Dragon. He also performs non-spontaneous acts of comedy.

As a journalist, Carl has written for a host of outlets, including ABC News, People, CMJ, Time Out NY, The NY Sun, The Discovery Channel and umpteen other publications worldwide. He can also be seen and heard in the Brian Jonestown Massacre / Dandy Warhols documentary Dig! in the DVD-only scene "Anton on a Rooftop in NYC." PopMatters called it "the most poignant in the film." "Poignant!" Nice.

Some Nice Press
"Clever, insightful, live!" - The Comic's Comic

"The simple setup of Inside Joke, two chairs facing each other on a bare stage, reflects the refreshing candor of its concept: a conversation about the art of comedy with some of its best practitioners. At first glance, it might resemble an Inside the Actor's Studio for comedians, but Carl Arnheiter's ease with his guests is far more entertaining than James Lipton's awe-inspiring pretension and obsequiousness. Of course, the guests are a lot funnier, too." - The Onion

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