September 19, 2005

First signed by Lorne Michaels to write for Saturday Night Live 30 years ago, Franken & Davis left a lasting mark on the program, establishing a tone for the show that continued long after the pair departed. Inseparable, they co-wrote and appeared in hundreds of sketches -- Dan Aykroyd often referred to them as the show's backbone -- and created, among other notable characters of the show's early years, the Coneheads. Their partnership ended in 1989, and according to Davis, they "have only appeared together at the show's 25th Anniversary and funerals." They are truly one of comedy's great writing teams, and this reunion marks their first time onstage together in more than 16 years.

During the course of conversation, it came up that Franken & Davis burned some bridges. Turns out, they have the letters to prove it. Tom Davis kindly sent these on. Enjoy the read!

  • Al Franken's letter to NBC President Fred Silverman responding to the "Limo for a Lame-O" sketch
  • A post-SNL letter from Carson Productions
  • A two-page "open letter" to the L.A. Free Press from Mitzy Shore & the Comedy Store