July 15, 2002

With his laid back, mellow stage presence and melodic, sing-song-y delivery, Todd Barry engages an audience as few comics can. A regular guest on late night talk shows, Barry has made a number of scripted TV and film appearances (Comedy Central Presents, Dr. Katz, Spin City, and on the big screen in Road Trip and Pootie Tang), but it's his stand-up that sets him apart from the rest of the fray, documented on his recently released CD, Medium Energy. Blending the two, Barry created a one-man show, Icky, based on his appearance (and the aftermath) of a taping of Late Night with Conan O'Brien and the alt.rec.conan'obrien reaction.

Barry claimed the Stand-Up Jury Award at the 1998 U.S. Comedy Arts Fest in Aspen. Alongside David Cross and Jon Benjamin, he co-founded and hosts Tinkle, held every Sunday at Piano's on the Lower East Side.